Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Full fat Oreo's

I get confused easy. For example I call my kids by the wrong name all the time. Have any of you had your parents call you by the wrong name, and you the only child? I do, maybe its the older I get or maybe its just things in this world are not as clear as they once were.
I need things clear. I need to know what is right and what is wrong. I operate in black and white and really wish that more people wanted to do the same. Gray is such a gray color and place to be at.
Look at gray, it is like something that wanted to but couldn't, its like a day that can't decide if its going to rain or be sunny. Its that limbo kind of place, you know the place where your just not sure if you want to get all sweaty and shower again of if you just want to watch from the sidelines.
Are you getting it yet?
Confusion comes when its not clear which way to go.
Example, have you ever been at an intersection and there is a pedestrian waiting to cross. You wave them on, they wave you on, you insist that they go and they do the same to you. Just as you start to move through the intersection, they step off the curb. You slam on your brakes, they jump back on the curb, you both look at each other and then the ritual begins again. What happens you get no where, well that is unless you driving the car realize that your in a 2000 pound vehicle and your about to help this pedestrian understand the law of, "who ever is bigger wins"!
Why can't we be black and white. How come things that were once wrong can't remain that way. Why do they make 1/2 the fat Oreo's? I mean what's the point, if your going to eat an Oreo, then eat an Oreo!
We wonder why teens today are confused. We wonder why they seem to have no real direction at times and why they are constantly looking for something solid to hang on to. The reason, no one wants to give them right and wrong.
I want right and wrong. I want black and white, I want full fat Oreo's

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