Saturday, February 19, 2011

Live their convictions

This week I read an article about a young wrestler in Iowa who decided not to wrestle his opponent in a championship match therefore forfeiting the match to the other wrestler. Now some of you may know what I am referring to, but if you don't let me fill you in.
A young man was on his way to competing in the a state wrestling tournament when he choose to forfeit due to the fact that his opponent was a female. He stated that because of his beliefs and I am paraphrasing, "wrestling is a combat sport and at times it gets violent" and because of his faith that he should never hurt a women, he decided to forfeit therefore giving up his chance for a state championship.
I wish I could write as fast as my brain is running, but I'll give it a try.
First off- good for him! So that's probably going to set people off but oh well. I agree with this kids decision 100% and the support of his parents. He showed what it means to be a man with character and strong moral beliefs.
I have been a athlete all my life. I have competed in various sports and even at times I have competed against females, when I competed in the Ironman Triathlon in Hawaii as well as two other smaller Triathlons. In these instances I have no problem with men and women competing against each other. Why? Simple, first off I'm not grabbing them all over their bodies, second-I'm not throwing them down, pushing them, twisting body parts to the point of breaking, third- I'm not showing any type of violence toward them at all.
Wrestling is a contact sport, and yes at time considered a violent sport, therefore a contact sport. This young man choose not to participate because he felt that his "faith and belief" which he gleaned from the bible prohibited him from competing. LOUD APPLAUD!
This young man stood up for his beliefs, even though a goal he had worked so hard for, trained hard for, had sweat blood at times for, would slip from his reach, nice job! I believe there is a lot to learn from him, I see him as a champion already because he stood for what he believes.
Let me finish with this: I don't agree with young men and women competing in contact sports against each other. I'm sorry if there isn't a wrestling team just for girls at the school this young lady is from. As a dad of 2 boys and one daughter my question to the parents of the girls, why? To the dad's really, you want your daughter to be grabbed, picked up, slammed to the mat, rolled over and rolled upon, legs twisted and arms locked behind them- are you insane?
Don't give me this nonsense its a sport, its abuse and your a part of it.
Let the athlete's compete, but fairly. Good for this young man and his parents, they taught us all what it means to live their convictions even if it means forfeiting a dream.

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