Thursday, February 17, 2011

Just wondering

So I have been wondering. I always thought that a secret was something that your kept from others, why then has Victoria shown so many? Why is it that parents think that kids today need more than what they had as kids, was it really that bad? How come after a athlete scores a touchdown or dunks a basketball do they pound their chest frantically like they have just discovered a cure for cancer? Who decided that Sunday should be the first day of the week, why not Thursday? Why are people constantly looking for love, yet they always look in the wrong places.
If people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones would that be the same if people who live in a stone house shouldn't throw glass? Why do politicians think that we work for them and not visa versa? Why is it that someone can use the name of God or Jesus Christ as a form of swearing and no one bats an eye, yet if you speak of Jesus Christ as if you have a personal relationship with Him, you're "one of those"?
Lord let me be one of "those"!
Just wondering

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