Wednesday, September 8, 2010

It's not for you

It’s not for you

Why is it that we always think that we deserve whatever we want? Is it because we are under the impression that this life is all out us? Is it because we think that the world really does revolve around us and that this life not matter how long or short should be about us.

Think about it, “This Bud’s for you”, “You only go around once so grab for all you can”, “Have it your way, like there is any other way, duh!”

It’s bred in us, from the moment we wiggle our way out of the womb, it’s all about us. We’re suctioned, cleaned, weighed, measured, put under warm lights (it’s like our very first spa treatment) wrapped in a warm blanket handed over to our mothers, pictures are taken, food is given, diapers once full are now empty. Come on it’s all about us.

We cry in the middle of the night, someone comes running, we fuss and people ask if we are all right, on and on it goes.

No wonder we think that we some how deserve everything we ever wanted.

No wonder we have a world, our world that is constantly looking out for #1, numero uno, me casa not your casa. No wonder a world slips by us and we really haven’t had much of an impact on it, how could we if it’s not about us then move on!

I have an old life, it’s long gone, ok so there are still bits and pieces that float around inside of me and the battle rages everyday to not allow it control, but for the most part it’s gone.

How so you ask, well maybe your not asking, but for those of you who are let me explain. My life changed one night in 1975, March 7th to be exact. On that night I accepted Jesus Christ into my life, I called out and He answered. That night my old life disappeared and I was given a new one with new opportunities, new hope, new everything. One thing that I have learned though is that night is the night my outlook HAD to change. Not an option, not a “well I’m working on it kind of thing”, nope it was a HAVE to change change.

Jesus Christ commands every follower of Him to die to oneself, and to live for Him. Living for Him means serving Him and serving others. It means that your life, my life are not our own. We have given up the control and have willingly turned it over to the one who has given His all for us.

I’ve figured something out, if you want to live a Christian life with the fullness of what God has for you then stop thinking about yourselves. Stop looking at you. Stop focusing on your needs, your desires, and your world. Christianity isn’t for wimps; it’s not some kind of social club with “special” privileges. Christianity is tough, am I loosing you yet. Maybe I should qualify something- Christianity; true, real Christianity is one that should take us to the Cross. Jesus Christ did it, not for Himself, but for me, for you. His life was lived so that men throughout time could know that they are loved because He gave His life for them.

How much of Christianity today is focused on self. How many churches are focused on “playing to the crowd”? How many lives have gone unnoticed and have been lost because “Christians” were too focused on themselves and not those around them? Only eternity will tell us this, but I know one thing I don’t want to be guilty of this. My hearts cry is, “Lord keep me grounded in you, keep me seeking to have your eyes for the world around me. Keep me wanting; longing to leave an impression on this world not of who I am, but who you have been in me.”

Hear me, Christ gave us principles to live by. One of the greatest is- He died, He gave all not for Himself, but for others.

Life lesson- look at how people react to things. In times of great struggle or disaster, there are always people who put aside their own lives; their own pain, injuries whatever and they go to the need of someone other than themselves. In that moment they look beyond themselves, they forget about themselves and all of a sudden the world isn’t all about them. Can we get there? Our churches shouldn’t be just for those inside the walls, our Christianity shouldn’t just be for those who “like” us. Our reach shouldn’t include me me me. It should be, “Lord I’ll be your hands, I’ll be your feet, and I’ll be your lips”.

This isn’t an instant kind of thing, but it is a ‘I’m going to get there kind of thing”.

Remember this isn’t for you-so get moving.

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