Wednesday, August 25, 2010


So before you get all up in your feelings, let me explain. PMS stands for something, and that something isn't what many of you are thinking. Look at it this way if I would have put BSM, would you have read on? No! How about SPM? Of course not, but PMS sure reached out and grabbed you didn't it?!
PMS, at least for this one time, stands for Parents Must Show. In other words parents you are the chalkboards that young minds learn from. I'm feeling all educational.

So back to PMS. Parenting is modeling, not the kind where way too skinny women/girl people walk down a runway wearing who knows what and looking as if they would eat a pencil eraser if it was handed to them, not that kind.
I'm refer to you, parents. Know this your kids, all kids are big sponges. Their minds are blank slates just waiting to be filled with what they see and hear. Parents you are the first and foremost one to fill their minds, and shape their personality. Now granted every child is born with a personality, but you are the ones who are going to help shape their personality.

We always want our kids to mimic the good things that we say and do, and we gasp when they reflect just the opposite. I'll never forget what a mother told me happened when her 3 year old son was sitting in a shopping cart. He looked over at a older man and said, "Are you one of those old mean people?". Now we all know this feeling don't we? Of course we do, because everyone of us who have children have been there in some way or another.

Now this isn't something that a three year old mind has come up with on their own. Somewhere along the process of educating the brain of this young offspring, someone must have made a comment to the effect that old people are mean. How else would have that have been written on that blank slate? It might have only been one time, but one time is all it takes.
We do effect our kids both good and bad. We must show our kids the proper ways in life and the right ways. We have to be the ones who not just talk a good game, but we live it out in front of their lives.
I had a teacher who by the way will remain completely anonymous, although I will only describe her as a wonderful educator of young lives who is the most caring, understanding, tolerant, patient and compassionate person you would ever want to meet. (Ok you know who you are, I know you read this blog, remember that you are first and foremost a great baker and that it's been awhile, I'm just saying)

So she relates this story to me which I want to pass on to you. This week school started, she teaches 3rd grade. I guess they all sit in a circle and play a word game so that everyone can say their name and what they like. It has to go along with the first letter of their first name. For example, Hi my name is Ann and I like apples, or Hi my name is Bill and I like beef, or Hi my name is Phil and I like to fish.
So they are all in a circle and things are moving right along until a little girl says her first name and then this comes out of her mouth, "I hate German people". Whaaaaat?
The teacher asked why she would say something like that and the girl, now remember she's a 3rd grader, says this, "My Grandmother was in WWll and she hates German people. Now I can only reason that possibly this grandmother was held in a concentration camp and saw horrible things, BUT in my opinion the same thing that caused a nation to think that they were somehow better than any other and which let them justify the murders of millions, now has been inbred into this young mind.
How sad, how wrong. Parents your the key, your the ones who are loading up the minds and hearts of your kids. Parents must show them the way, the right way.
Hang in there and know that good kids don't come by accident. Remember PMS

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