Wednesday, August 18, 2010

abc FAMILY? what?

Many of us have heard the story/parable of the frog and the boiling water, if not here's a brief synopsis:
To boil a frog, not that I condone such behavior, one must put the frog in a pot of water that has yet to get warm. If you place the frog in there and then turn up the heat eventually the frog will be boiled to death. Now on the other side of things, if the water is boiling and you would put a frog in a pot, the frog would immediately jump out.
Point of story- the ways of this world is to slowly boil us to death.
Last night my wife and I watch a show on, now let me highlight this for you, ABC Family.

Now one might think, gee what loosers-they're watching a kids station, my response to that is, "hey shut up your stupid!".

Anyway back to what I was saying; the show was a new one called; Melissa & Joey. Now I am not going to write about the plot, because that really isn't what is important here. I am writing about how the frog is being boiled and it sure seems like not a whole lot of people are noticing, especially parents. If they are then ABC should be flooded with complaints.
On the two episodes that we watched, back to back by the way. I kept saying to my wife, "this is ABC Family, family really?".

During this so called kids program on a so called family channel the number of swear words was appalling . They weren't just using what one might called, "minor", ones, but ones that when I was a kid everyone one around would have gasped for air! Along with that there was numerous sexual innuendos and continual comments from the two female characters about getting, "taken advantage of and liking it". I could go on and on, but I wouldn't.

The kids of today are being programed more than any other generation by the media. Parents of times gone by had it a whole lot "easier" than those today, in the sense of knowing who and what is shaping their kids lives. Things were clearer back in the day. Today, ABC Family, to me that sounds like a station I could depend upon to air good FAMILY safe programing. NO!
Parents you are the main line of defence for your kids. It's no one's job but yours. In parenting you can never take things as they seem. You must investigate everything that your kid sees, hears and is exposed to. You must. The pot is boiling and the frog is getting weaker. Nothing is happening because so many are in the same pot.

I believe that there is a plan, just so you know I'm not writing this with tin foil on my head so the aliens can't read my thoughts, (I only have it over my ears). The plan is for kids today to be so lax and numb to such things that when they parent the standards are going to be even lower than they are today. So here's a question, whats that going to look like? What are the generations to come going to see are moral and right. Yea maybe I am an old prude and as I have said before I am a dinosaur, but at least I can feel the water getting hotter and know enough to let others know-"hey get your frog out of the pot".

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