Wednesday, August 4, 2010


28,000 since 2006. This is the number of people who have died in Mexico from drug violence according to the Chicago tribune, 8-5-2010.
28,000 and this doesn't even count those here in the US that have died because of violence or the result of using drugs.
28,000, that is twenty eight thousand people have died. Does that bother anyone??? Now I realize that in that number there are many who are a part of the drug cartels, but there is also a large number who are innocent bystanders.
To think that this many people in such a short time have lost their lives blows me away. Now many might say well that's sad but what does this have to do with me? Simple, if you use drugs, yes even smoke pot, because pot is a drug you moron, you are directly contributing to the death toll in Mexico.
I see it like this, the reason there are drug cartels is because there is a demand for such products. These cartels fill the demand with the product needed. If the demand stopped the product would stop, which in turn would stop the killing. Yet the demand isn't slowing because many here in the US think nothing of it. What's the big deal, I'm only smoking a little weed. I want you to think about this, because it's the hard truth, next time you go to light up I want you to picture putting a gun to another human beings head and you personally pulling the trigger. Yep that's right, you pulled the trigger. You took part in the senseless murder of another.
There is no such thing as a harmless drug nor; and this gets the vein in my neck to bulge out, are you only affecting your own life. Lie, lie lie lie!!!
That's our trouble we always want to only think of ourselves and our actions aren't affecting anyone else. Maybe that's why people get into cars and drive drunk, maybe that's why people have no problem denying their family necessities of life so that they can simply "relax".
I see the outcomes of these types of decisions. I sit with kids whose parents really only care about themselves why else would they continue with their addiction. I go to rehab centers and psych wards and see the faces of people who have had their lives stripped away by drugs. The reasoning is the same, what's the big deal. What's the big deal? What?
Come on people take the responsibility you should. If your going to use drugs then fess up to the fact that you have taken part in murdering 28,000 people. Come on get some guts and be honest-you have. Here in the States we think nothing of this. It's not our problem, we are not part of it-wrong on all sides.
It is your problem, you are a part of it. Quit hiding, quit sticking you head in the sand and pretending that this is another countries problem. It's not. It's about time for the people of the home of the brave and the land of the free to take responsibility for their actions.
Man I am steamed right now, you might pick this up from my writing, in fact I wouldn't be surprised if as you read this you can hear the pounding that my computer is taking.

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