Friday, July 30, 2010

SUV's are bad

Today was one of those days when I know that there is a true battle for this generation of young people. Many might say that it's no different then when we were kids, to that I say-"You have no idea!".

I once read something to the effect that the generations that go before us are to leave a legacy, a path for the next generation to follow. This path is to lead them towards a better life and greater things than what they had. Sad to say, but I'm really not seeing this much.

One of the biggest failures I see of my generation is that we haven't really fought hard enough for this current generation. Please note that when I say fight I mean fight. Maybe you know what I'm talking about. Sad to say many of you will not because somewhere along the line "fighting" has turned into an evil thing sort of like SUV's.

Ok keep up, you might be thinking what, SUV. Look anytime there is an accident involving an SUV. look at how it is reported- "Today an SUV was involved in an accident!",. it's almost evil in a sense, there is this impression that this SUV drove itself and was out hunting for prey. How come they never say, "Today a 4 door sedan or a mini van was involved in an accident!". Oh no a SUV, right away we come to the conclusion- SUV's are bad.....

Same thing with fighting- it has taken on a evil context so no one really likes to talk abbot it. My opinion/ as I see it is we have soften things up so much that the world and all it's influences have been given an open invitation to rob us of this generation of youth. How? Simple-I never see the world's influences backing down. I never see drugs, alcohol, gangs, violence backing down, in fact I see it gaining steam. Why shouldn't it? I mean really we stand by and let a generation slip though our hands because we are afraid to act or we simply choose to ignore the problem and believe that everything will simply work out for the best. Look at us.

Yea look at us. We didn't turn out that bad, but I must say I don't know about you, but I know the way I grew up- things weren't simply left alone. I had parents, even though they were divorced who would get up in my grill. I had neighbors that had no problem busting my chops and then taking me home to let my parents add to the "life lesson". I had teachers that I feared, yes feared, because i knew that they were in control and God help anyone who thought different.

I look at all this and think, they all had a part in shaping me, the key is they weren't afraid to step in for a fight. I believe that those who did that for me and for others did so because they saw the value in fighting for us. Was it because our parents were products of war. They saw that somethings are simply worth fighting for. They knew what the consequences would be if they did nothing. So they did something.

Parents do something! Parents fight for your kids! Parents take responsibility and quit looking for excuses of why you can't.

Fighting for your kids is one fight you should never run away from, nor; and I know this might be upsetting to you "time out" people, should you wait around for the world and it's influences to throw the first "punch". Take a more aggressive approach- fight for them.

Back to the opening sentence. Today was one of those days, here's why.

Today I had a great time but at the same time it was saddening to me. Let me explain. For the past 24 years I have been speaking in the public schools, doing various assemblies on various topics. When I go into a school I know that the things I have to say will strike a nerve and it may take sometime for it to sink in, but I believe that this generation is worth telling the truth to.

This morning I had my first school of the '10-'11 school year. Today I was at a facility that houses 45 young men. It is a mandatory facility and program ordered by the courts. Many are there for 6-9 months minimum. They are there because of substance abuse, alcohol, criminal violations etc. Today I spoke before a great bunch of young men. Now if you had been there with me you might have thought differently, but anytime I speak to young people I see the good, the positive the potential. Now please know this, that doesn't mean that they weren't at times knuckleheads, because they were, but I saw something in their eyes. That something was, hey tell me the truth, don't hold back, yea I'm not going to like it, but are you willing to fight for me anyway; that look.

So I did, and that's' where I can say that it was a great time. The sad part was seeing these young men with their lives in a shambles, a few I met are already fathers with small children, I wondered what their kids are going to step into. The world had lied to them, they believed all that they were told. Did anyone step in front of them to fight off the worlds influence? I wonder. Are there parents in the picture that are more concerned about their kids than their issues? I wonder.

Hearing the staff tell me that their biggest concern is when these young men go home- what kind of support system is there for them.

It's time to take the gloves off, the world has fought that way for a long time. It's time to beieve once again in a generation, this generation.

Always remember they are worth fighting for, they really are.

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