Saturday, July 3, 2010

Bugs where are you?

It's no wonder that our young people today have such a lousy image of themselves. I believe that this doesn't start in the teen years but when they are about 5-7 years old. Let me explain.

This morning I saw a cartoon on one of the major stations. First off why do they all look like they are from Japan, ahhh maybe because they are, anyway I saw the characters of this cartoon. Now know this the sound wasn't on so all I could see is the picture. The characters of this cartoon are let's see how I can say this with some kind of tact, shapely? Yea let's go with shapely.
First off the "guys" perfect chest, defined shoulders and arms, ripped abs. The girls to me were a bit more troubling. The girls wore half shirts with their stomach exposed, their waists were almost nothing; which of course highlight the northern and southern hemispheres.
The cartoon was full of glitz and glitter, but to me the message was clear. This is what you want to look like, this is what you should look like.
Now some may think that I am totally over reacting to this, "it's just a cartoon". You're right it is just a cartoon, one that I am sure that little eyes are glued to and images are being burned into their little peanuts. We are visual, there is no denying this. What we see sticks with us long after what we hear or read. If you think not, why then after you see a scary movie do you come home and turn every light on in the house, or you double check the locks, look in the closet, but then the most pathetic thing of all-you look under the bed. Why, because we are affected by what we see.
This is something that they are going to carry into their teen years which should be troubling considering that 80% of teens are unhappy with their bodies. Now we have a generation coming up that I feel is going to be struggling even more.
Parents need to wake up, literally, get out of bed, see what your kids are seeing, have the guts to change the channel or unplug the set. This is not the time to sit back and think that things will just naturally turn out ok, they wouldn't. Where is, Bugs, Silvester, Elmer, Tweety....I think it's time for a come back!

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