Thursday, July 22, 2010

Dial 911

Are you serious? Go figure them out, what kind of idiotic advice is this? Go figure them out, geez, go figure them out, hmmmm, go figure them out.

Kids don't come with direction as far as a written booklet, but for sure kids need direction.
A child is designed (by God) to grow and flourish in an atmosphere of love. Love is translated in many different ways but one of the most important ways is through the giving of direction.
Imagine going on a trip to a place you have never been. Imagine going without looking at any map. How lost would you be?? I know people who get lost as their GPS is shouting, turn here stupid!
Anyway-you wouldn't do such a thing because if you have no direction you'll never arrive at your destination, your goal.

Kids are this way-they need direction so they can achieve all that they should, which by the way is to their fullest potential. They need aimed in the right direction so they can get to where they have to go. Directions, correction, encouragement is what kids need, and especially teens.
When there are directions given, kids have a feeling of security. Please note: I have never met a young person/teen who is excited about you giving direction nor have I ever met one who hangs on your every correction-but it doesn't matter they still need them. If they do say something to this effect- "Oh Mom, oh Dad, you’re the best! I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me correction and giving me direction all of which my friends are not receiving and they are getting to do stupid things, while I on the other hand am not-THANK YOU. If this occurs, dial 911-your having an aneurysm!

No one likes direction to be given to them. Adults don't like it. Watch the face of someone who has been pulled over for speeding, all the officer is trying to do is give them directions (even if it is to the nearest courthouse or ATM), but its still direction.
As parents we need to give our children directions even when they think that they have it all figured out. We need to care enough about them to look them in the eye and say this is how it’s going to be. Now if you attempt to start this for the first time in their adolescent years, good luck-be prepared for some serious battles. The reason, simple this should have started when the day they were born. I'm not saying it’s too late, "it's too late baby now it's too late though we really did try and make it", sorry I regressed, digressed???? No I just heard that line of that song in my head and had to get it out.

If your kids are older, remember back with me. Remember when the nurse took your child and measured them, weighed them, took their footprints, (I guess that makes sense since there are so many crimes committed with peoples feet) they then wrapped them in one of those receiving blankets nice and tight and handed them back to you. My first thought was; "hey he looks like a piece of cord wood", but again that's just me. There was that little life all nice and snug-they were safe. Now remember when you would unwrap them. I used to grab one end and pull spinning them like a top, oh the fun, kidding! Their little arms went way out as if they had been startled by something, that sense of security was now gone, they were out, exposed, literally.
Directions are to a pre-teen/teen as that security blanket is to an infant. There is place and a need for them, parents let's figure them out.

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