Thursday, July 8, 2010

Friend or Parent- it's you call

I left off with this: remember -You're the Parent. I love acronyms; you know those letter-word things where each letter means something. I thought of this one in regards to being a parent and or a friend.

Let me say this first, Teens need parents, real parents, not parents that are trying to relive their forgotten years through their kids, or wanting to be a friend to their kid. Real live, actively involved even if your uninvited or underappreciated parents.
So here's my acronym:

P- I'm
A- not
R- you're
E- friend
N- because I
T- love you

R- don't
I- care
E- let's
N- go to
D- the mall

Parenting is not easy. Remember when they were first born, you thought that was tough. I mean there were those sleepless nights, diapers to change, formula to make and baths to be given. You never thought that there would be any life after children. Then they start to grow, walk, feed themselves, even get dressed, you think that you have reach the easy stretch of parenting. Well guess again, you are just about to enter the most difficult time of parenting you will ever face.

Those same eyes that looked up at you as you feed them are now going to be glaring at you when you tell them no. Those same arms that reached out to grab your neck, well they are still reaching out but to choke you instead of hug you because you told them that they no longer can hang with so and so because you don't like them.

I know this might seem a bit grim, I'm not trying to be, I'm just being honest.
See love is more than a spoken word, it's caring and it's action, meaning that you are going to have to make the tough calls. You're going to feels sharp pains in your back in the middle of the night, only to discover the next morning from where the pains came from. You enter you teens room and there you find a doll in your image in your teens room with needles sticking all through it!

Parenting is loving your kids even when they don't want to love you back or they don't care if you love them at all. Granted some kids never feel this way, I'm sure. Those kids are secretly brainwashed by their parents and have no emotions at all, (hmm not a bad idea). Love none the less is what has to motivate you to remain their parent and not their friend.

See a parent will make the hard calls; a friend will only say what their friend wants to hear. Parents your kids have enough friend's they need a parent who is going to stand in the gap, who is going to make the unpopular call and who most of all will love them till your last breath.
More to come.....

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