Monday, August 9, 2010

You're shocked, really?

Please don't tell me you’re shocked? It never fails to amaze me how people ignore warnings/signs of harm and danger and then after something happens they are shocked by it. Here are some examples:

Back in the spring a trainer for a KILLER whale was killed by the animal. We all saw it on the news. If you were like me my heart broke for this trainer’s family. The reports came flooding in about how this trainer ever since she was a young child, all she wanted to do was to work with animals like this. We found out that she was doing what she loved, awesome. Not too soon after this the public cries began. We find out that this KILLER whale had KILLED 2 other people prior to this tragedy. Next we start to hear how this KILLER whale is a KILLER and maybe the KILLER whale should be put down. Question what part of KILLER whale didn't anybody understand?

I was watching a program I believed it is called, "When vacations go bad". Now if you have never seen this show I am sure there are all kinds of thoughts running through your memories of such vacations.
Such as when you booked a hotel room for your honeymoon mainly for 3 reasons. One- it had an ocean view, two- right on the boardwalk, three and not necessarily the most important reason, but it sure would seem like that at the time- $60 cheaper per night than any other hotel room in the area (sign). Only to discover after driving 7 hours you pull up to the address given and see the "hotel". It was above a hot dog/hamburger joint right on the boardwalk, no air conditioning, blinds hanging lopsided flapping in the breeze, but then the "paste De resistance" (that's French by the way) the look on the patrol officers face after you asked him if that was the Sunview Motel and you had booked a room in this "hotel"-priceless.

On this particular episode there were divers feeding a moray eel, (Strophidon sathete), mini hot dogs. The moray eel is soooo cute that the locals have even named her, Molly. Well since this video is on this particular show one can only sit with great anticipation for the "go bad" part to go bad. As this one diver is pulling mini hot dogs out of a Ziploc bag, Molly the moral eel, the eel that is solid muscle and has the brain capacity of a walnut, who by the way also has one very interesting trait:
Moray eels' heads are too narrow to create the negative pressure that most fish use to swallow prey. Quite possibly because of this, they have a second set of jaws in their throat called pharyngeal jaws, which also possess teeth. When feeding, morays launch these jaws into the mouth, where they grasp prey and transport it into the throat and digestive system. Moray eels are the only animal that uses pharyngeal jaws to actively capture and restrain prey. Larger morays are capable of seriously wounding humans.hmmmmm

So here's the bad going bad part. I love this show! Man/knucklehead- was petting Molly as he was hand feeding her the mini hot dogs. Trouble is Molly was a tad hungry this particular day and was rather short on patience. Man/knucklehead couldn't get the mini hot dog out of the bag fast enough. You could see the juice from the mini hot dogs being release into the water and Molly swimming through it. The more she swam through it the more she anticipated another mini hot dog. Man/knucklehead couldn't get it out of the bag fast enough so Molly decided to take charge, and oh boy did she ever. Now understand there is sound on this video. You see Molly turn on man/knucklehead and there is this really loud crunching sound, followed by screaming rapid pulling of the mans/knuckleheads hand, then a red cloud replacing the hot dog juice. Oh the moment! Later they interview the man/knucklehead who had to have his big toe removed so they could attach it for his new thumb which Molly had mistaken for a mini hot dog because said man/knucklehead couldn't get them out of the bag fast enough. He said he was shocked that this happened-what?! You were shocked, really. You really didn't see anything going wrong here? Helen Keller could have seen this one coming!

I could go on and on, but most of you who read this have the same attention span as I, "oh look shiny", so I'll wrap it up. Why are we shocked, why do we ignore the warning signs? Reason we never think that they pertain to us. Is it that we always think that we are beyond such things? So when the warnings we ignore happen we are shocked. Throughout life we are given many warnings and yet we still ignore the signs. We still try to beat the train even though the gates are coming down and the lights are flashing. We speed up when the light turns yellow instead of applying the brakes. We ignore the warning labels on various products that read-causes cancer. We just think that the tightness in our chest and the pain in our left arm is just a pinched nerve. Life has never guaranteed us a second chance; often times you only get one. Signs aren't just there so Mel and his family can hide in the closet with tin foil on their heads.

Pay attention, don't get caught off guard, think before you act and most of all -don't be shocked when something happens if you choose to ignore them.That's all I have to say on this.

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