Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Metal Erector Sets

Maybe it's just me, well of course it is because if it isn't me then who, or whom might it be? Wow sometimes, well more like a lot of times I make my own head hurt. Now on to my ramblings.
Have you seen the commercial where there are kids playing on swing sets, that I bet are actually cemented into the ground, and have all kind of soft material underneath them in case they fall. Well anyway one of the poor children falls, well no it's more like a calculated semi-roll off the sliding board onto the really soft material and all of a sudden the camera swings over to 3 moms who immediately pull out this certain healing anti bacteria, anti e-coli, antivirus antidote, creme, spray and ointment, which I'm not real sure the different between ointment and creme, not important. So now all the moms are ready to go and treat the wounded.
What ever happened to spit on it, rub some dirt in it and climb back up that ladder and slide down again?
Now don't get all up in your feelings especially you mom people. I am being sarcastic, well at least I think I am.
I remember having a metal erector set. For those of you who may have no idea what this is let me describe it to you briefly. It was the most awsomeous (it's a word look it up) and painful toys ever to come on the market. All the parts were 100% American made metal, including all sharp edges for no additional cost. What you would do is build sky scrapers, bridges, rocket ships etc and you would bolt together each and every piece. A real wrench came with it, there were small parts with no warning "choking hazard" signs any where on the box.
I do have to say that I would come away from hours of building structures that went over huge rivers, or towered high into the sky, vehicles which carried spacemen to unknown planets, with fingers that were scratched, pinched and bloody. There was no one there to say "Ahhh you poor thing let me put some..... on it", no you spit on it and moved on. What was stimulated was my imagination and there was also the thought, you know not everything in life is always gong to be easy, and if you ever want to make any king of difference, then your going to get pinched, scratched and bloody. There isn't going to be someone running to your aid, you just have to learn to spit on it and move on. It never stopped me from playing with my erector set, all it did was make me more aware and careful the next time. Falling off the monkey bars onto the rock covered ground didn't stop me or others from climbing back up there and doing it all over again.
Have we moved so far the other way that we have taken the fight out of a generation? Have we been so over protective that this generation lacks feeling pain, good pain, you know the kind, pain that makes you hurt like nothing you have ever felt, but yet there's a satisfaction which builds up inside of you. Why? Simple, you have accomplished something that many wouldn't even try. Your pain is a life lesson that no one else can teach you.
I'm not opposed to better car seats, even though it was always fun as a kid flying from one end of the back seat to the other as your mother took a turn at 30 mph! Superman!!!!! I'm not opposed to soft stuff underneath of playground equipment, maybe just don't use as much concrete so every kid can experience the heart gripping jolt of panic as you think that they whole thing is going to tip over; dude!
I guess what I'm saying, spit on it, rub some dirt on it and live life-we didn't turn out so bad.

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