Monday, October 11, 2010

It was just a matter of time

Before I begin I have to say how sadden I am that I was right. Yea most might think, wow I was right for once what a great time to celebrate. This is not the case. A number of years ago I spoke about Miley Cryus. I had said that I had great concern for this young girl. I had said that it was only a matter of time until the ways of this world would overtake her. I said that she was a prime target for destruction and that her parents needed to step in and protect her.
I'm sadden because today I watch a video of this 17 year old young girl who has come to the place I feared she may end up.
There are so many thoughts running through my head right now that I don't believe that my fingers can keep up!
Lets set aside that fact that she has grown to be a role model for hundreds of thousands of young girls. Lets set aside the fact that she is this icon. Lets look at her. She's lost, she has been swallowed up by the "machine" of fame and fortune. She has been bred for this. Some may disagree, but I really don't care what you have to say. This girl has fallen victim to the ways of Hollywood and money hungry people. I hesitate to say anything about the parental involvement in her life since I don't know them personally, but where in the Sam Hill are you??
I said when her dad rented out Disney for her 16th birthday that this was wayyyyy too much even for someone who can easily afford it. I said that this is taking her beyond what she is capable of handling. I said that someone, like her parents need to step between her and that world that was grooming her for what I saw today
Did it happen? I don't know? Did they step in and she refused their counsel? Oh wait I don't care she is a young girl! She needed someone to take her by the hand and say enough. I have said this over and over again-parents have to step up to the plate! Get off your duffs and start parenting. Start not caring that little Suzie or Tommy may not like you because you said no to them. Stop caring that you're "that parent" that the others talk about and say how strict you are and you have way too many rules. Who gives a rip! Unless of course you are so sensitive to having you're feelings hurt so you just go along with the flow of stupidity and never make waves
I am all about making waves. I am all about making the hard call knowing that my kid might be in their room making a voodoo doll of my wife and I. We/ I have never cared. You wanna know why, because we love our kids!
Am i saying that her parents don't love her? Am I? Or are they saying it and other parents who choose to let things like this consume their kids. Come on parents, come on Billy Ray.
Today isn't a day to be happy about being right, it's a day that make my stomach sick because I was right.

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